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How do I add a discount code to my event?


Discount codes allow event directors to provide their participants with a dollar amount or percentage off their registration. Follow the steps below to add a discount code to your event:


1. Set your registration to "Live" - Your event must be Live in order to create a discount code.

2. Select "Advanced Settings" and then select "Discount Codes"

To create a new discount code, select "Create New Discount Code"



- Insert all Discount Code information (do not add spaces to discount codes, as this can cause errors)

- You can choose a % or $ amount for your discount type

- When done, click "Save"



- Allows you to choose one or multiple events/categories you would like the discount code applied to

- Discount codes are defaulted to apply to all categories in current event

- Once completed, click "Save"


**Race IT will not release Discount Code information to participants unless directly asked to do so (preferably in writing) by the Race Director**


If you are using a Daily Deal site for your event and will be receiving bulk discount codes, please contact your Account Manager or the Race IT team to have these codes imported into the system.

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