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How do I add a T-Shirt question to my registration form?


Many events include a t-shirt with participant registrations and need to ask for t-shirt sizes to ensure that proper orders are made.


To add a t-shirt question, log in to your Race IT account and go to your Event Page. Once there, click "Form Designer".

Click “New Question


Enter question text, choose question type (unless participants can choose multiple t-shirt sizes, we suggest using one of the single selection options)


Check the box if you would like to make the question mandatory. Enter the choice text into the box and click "Add Choice" after each individual entry. When all choices are entered, click "Save Question"


New Questions are automatically inserted to the bottom of the registration form. To move the question to a different spot on the form, put your cursor over the light grey bar that contains the words “Question”, “Edit”, “Copy” and “Delete”. Your cursor will change to four arrows.



Click "Save" at the top of the page



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